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These are the perfect shoppers for the summer

We love these new shoppers for the beach
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Handbags can not be big enough to hold all the essentials. Here come our darlings.

Space, space, space: That's exactly what we need in our handbag! After all, every woman knows that: A handbag is like a black hole. Everything just disappears. And so that you have enough space not only to store your thing in your pocket, but also to rummage around in it properly, your handbag may well be a bit bigger .

Whether on the beach or in rainy weather: We have to put so much in our bags. Bath towel and reading for the beach or rain jacket and umbrella. The more space, the better. And that's why we have the most beautiful shoppers for you for the summer. You can not only take it to the beach, but also run wonderfully in the city.

Here are our shoppers favorites for the summer!