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This happens when another woman puts on you - Zalon in the test

How to get to new outfits with a personal online stylist.
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  1. Tried and tested: Personal online shopping with Zalandos Zalon
  2. My style. Well thought-out: The styling platform Zalon in the test
  3. My Zalon test: tried on Zalando's outfit advice

Tried and tested: Personal online shopping with Zalandos Zalon

Bored by your own look? The solution: Just let someone else shop for you! We tested Zalon's online style advice.

"Curated shopping" - "supervised shopping" - in the net is just totally in vogue. Our editor has therefore tested the online fashion consultation of Zalon by Zalando .

I deal with fashion everyday in my job alone. What are the new trends? Which woman can really wear? How do you combine them best? And: what makes you stay better? Which question I am less concerned with: What do I actually wear? Of course, I worry about what I wear, what fits what. And always reach for my favorites. Also when shopping. Buy the safe jeans, an always similar top, shoes that are already in the hallway. Fashionable you could say. Although my closet is of course full. Full of pretty skirts, various dresses, very different shirts in all different silhouettes and colors. I just do not wear them. My thought: Get me impulses from the outside. Sometimes let an unbiased person on my clothes, I think a great idea. Said and done.

My style. Well thought-out: The styling platform Zalon in the test

I have drawn the personal styling platform "Zalon" from Zalando. The concept: Stylists put together outfits for fashion lovers like me - and send the whole thing home by post. You can click online through a questionnaire about personal clothes tastes, dress sizes and color preferences. It also indicates how much money you want to spend, evaluates example looks and what brands and looks you would never wear. The whole thing takes about 15 minutes. Especially great: After completing the questionnaire you make a phone call with a Zalon stylist. Two days later the friendly Kathrin answers and chats with me about a good three quarters of an hour about colors, shapes and problem areas. Five days later, I hold my personal fashion package in my hands and try out my new station wagon, which can all be messed up.

What's great is that every part fits me. And instead of clothes for, as I thought, two outfits, there are even enough pieces for four whole looks in the package. Two casual variants for everyday wear, two looks that can sometimes be worn for after-work. An outfit was planned around a blue pleated skirt, a look with culotte, a casual combination with a striped pullover and a styling with trousers. On top are also shoes and bag as well as two tops to subject in a box. In all station wagons I feel good, would go in the majority of the next day to work or to date.

It's just a pity that I actually wanted a slightly fancier look. Away from jeans and striped shirts, which I already wear anyway, to more fashionable diversity. That's why I decide in the end just to keep the blue skirt, a shirt and jeans blouson. The rest I send back for free. Nevertheless, I find the idea of ​​the personal styling platform great, so great is the tension surrounding the fashionable surprise egg that is sent to your home. And I just combine the new parts with my old classics. And maybe even further back on the shelf. Such an oversized sweater would have to be there somewhere ...

My Zalon test: tried on Zalando's outfit advice

Sweatshirt with stripes and a small print by Petit Bateau, about 100 Euro. Jeans "Sallie" in Relaxed Fit by Lee, about 90 Euro. Shoes private.

The sweater is super comfortable, just like the jeans. But: I have something like that already in the closet. Next!

Blouse in stone gray by GAP, about 35 euros. Cloth pants by Mint & Berry, about 50 Euro. Black shopper from Mint & Berry, about 50 Euro. Shoes private.

I like the high waistband of the pants. The fabrics are beautiful to wear, just a little too dark is the outfit for my taste.

Navy blue cardigan by Esprit Collection, approx. 40 Euro. Floral, sleeveless blouse by Dorothy Perkins, about 30 euros. Culotte from Topshop, about 50 euros. Shoes private.

"Nah, I look like a cruise passenger, " my first glimpse of me in the mirror. Although culottes are so hip, the look makes me a lot older.

Light denim jacket by Lacoste LIVE, ca. 170 Euro. Pink shirt by French Connection, about 28 Euro. Pleated skirt from Vila, about 24 euros. Shoes private.

Dark blue I like anyway anyway, in combination with the pink shirt a pretty look. I keep it!

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