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The "Little Black" - A classic for every occasion

The Little Black: A dress for all occasions
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A dress and four styling options for the perfect look

Simple and yet so sexy! There is hardly any other piece of clothing that could better fit this description than the famous "Little Black". Previously described as extremely frivolous, thanks to Audrey Hepburn and her cult film "Breakfast at Tiffany's", the "Little Black Girl" is today the epitome of style and elegance.

Whether for the official reception, the club party in the evening, the business meeting or in everyday life - properly combined, there is no reason why this timeless classic would not be suitable. Do not you think? We show it to you with our four looks around the "little black", because note: If the base is right, the trappings are usually a breeze!

Casual in everyday life

In everyday life we ​​like to have it handy, comfortable and uncomplicated. Overdressed does not work, after all, when shopping or having coffee with your best friend, we do not want to look like we're on our way to an exclusive dinner party. Laxity is the magic word! Of course, this is not a problem for our all-round talent. With rugged boots, a trendy knit cardigan and a few cooel accessories, they are perfectly dressed for every everyday situation. Cardigan and accessories may turn out to be detailed. Exciting patterns or pretty appliqués come to the fore with this simple all-rounder. A beautiful black handbag completes the look in style.

Traditional-conservative in the office

The office often needs simple understatement. Do not worry, you also take this fashion-hurdle with the "little black" in the blink of an eye. A classic blazer in a muted color is always a good choice. To do this you combine color-coordinated pumps on the blazer. If you are working in an industry that is not quite so restrained, you can of course also choose a jacket with a multi-colored pattern.

Elegant chic in the evening

Nothing beats an evening with the girls in their favorite club with good music, sparkling champagne and one or the other flirting. In the Little Black Dress, you're guaranteed to make a good figure and you'll certainly get a lot of interested looks. Of course, the outfit should radiate glamor. Either the dress itself is a real eye-catcher or you upgrade the simple variant with accessories, so it is suitable party. Colors are strictly allowed in order to give the outfit more liveliness.

Come as you are on date

Well-being plays a big role in a date. We want to show our best side and that only works if we feel completely comfortable in our skin. Only then can we be as we really are. Combine the little black dress with opaque tights, a pretty little jacket, biker boots and a small shoulder bag. A sweet look, in which you are guaranteed to feel good and that your personality will not be outdone.

"This dress will become a kind of uniform for all women with taste." Who has said this sentence and much more dasbe the Little Black Dress you experience on!

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