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The luck of the merger!

Important: The focus is on the love and shared decision TOGETHER LIVING on nothing else!
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Constanzes (Wohn) column

He wants to keep the worn artificial leather sofa, she the pink plush. He stands on tiles in the living room, she on flokati.

In theory, they agreed. In theory, it was pretty easy to dream of a roof together, of a common awakening and falling asleep together. Now the day of the move is approaching, and the first problems in filling the boxes are already starting to show. Over the euphoria dark shadows slowly draw.

That's the beauty of HOME COSMETICS - I'm also called to special missions! So I like to act as an interface and bridge-builder between 2 people who suddenly turn out to be more "parties" to me than two lovers. What should I do?

I ask WHY they want to move together. Where there are common interests and intersections, which claim YOU and HE have at a beautiful home, and who will spend MORE time in the new 4 rooms.

In an emergency, you start from the beginning, if the budget is not an issue. And so it happens that I can accompany a couple shopping together for all new purchases. The move should be fun and enjoyable, do not announce stress and suffering!

One thing is important to me: the focus is on the love and shared decision TOGETHER LIVING on nothing else! When objects become the central theme, when the joy is diminished and the laughter clouded, when the trappings become more important than the emotions in the hearts, you have to start somewhere else.

If both agree in their taste, only small situations germinate, but which one can quickly take away the sharpness, namely, when it comes to WHERE this or that is put! But as I, as a RESIDENTIAL COSMETICIAN, show that every part has its place, there is a great deal of insight in the end. Yes, things almost alone decide where their place is, where they want to stand, where they come into their own. Let's walk through the apartment with little things, with pictures, with accessories - we quickly discover the optimal parking space!

In a happy relationship, there are many overlaps, the paths are similar, even if there is friction here and there. But that's a good thing - communication-poor relationships are dying away! One is always in exchange, in change, but TOGETHER!

Women love it visually, men rather practical! Does one have to exclude the other? NO! But if one focuses on the practical and the other exclusively on the optical one should seek support. One who is happy with the neutral eye to the implementation of both!

As a rule, it is in the nature of the woman that she has a sure feeling and a good knack for spaces. Only the rule: "not too playful, not too feminine, not too pink, not too cheesy" YOU should note, if HE shares the roof with her tomorrow.

A few small tips, what a great new beginning to pay attention to: a new mattress, because in the old still retain traces of forgotten loves and passions. The effect of a new and comfortable mattress should not be underestimated!

If no one likes the other's lamp, then the light bulb will hang out of the ceiling hole until a new one is discovered TOGETHER!

If the apartment is on the small side, the balcony and the corridor should be designed as additional rooms to increase the atmosphere and increase the depth!

There are many nice tricks, also slates for love messages, small storage baskets, so that chaos will not later become the new dispute!

And if there is no lack of space, everyone may have their own corner, a small room he calls his own sanctuary. A place where you can retire alone and dive alone. Even if the common living together is a highlight in life and in the relationship - the feeling of tightness in the sense of "taking breath" can quickly turn into a partnership killer.

Goethe said: "For a loving couple the smallest room is still too big!"

The relocation willing now a great restart in new rooms. Do not forget: THE BEGINNING IS EASY!

My offer to all who read me today: Email me photos of your rooms! Tell me about the perceived flaws and you get from me a discount of 20 € on my service "Advice via mail"

So long & until next Tuesday with a new theme, your Constanze *

PS my books "Franny's Journey" and "The Art of Cleaning Up" are of course all signed also about me!


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