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That's never been! Designer fashion by Jette Joop at Aldi

Jette Joop is now designing for Aldi
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+++ From Monday there are designer pieces by Jette Joop at Aldi Süd +++

The discount giant Aldi Süd now relies on designer fashion. Jette Joop makes fashion for Aldi.

So far we know design co-operations only from fashion chains like H & M or Topshop. But now a discounter has come up with the idea to work together with a famous designer. Fashion and jewelry designer Jette Joop has made her talent for the clothing brand of Aldi Süd available.

Blue Motion - that's the name of the fashion line from Aldi Süd. And who thinks that there are only leggings and socks on the grabbed table, is wrong. "The brand Blue Motion by Aldi Süd stands for individual fashion for modern women with their own style, " it says on the website of Aldi. The line also includes matching accessories. From Grabbeeltisch: From glamor outfits for the party night to maritime pieces for the trip to the sea - at Aldi, there is more than thought.

What many do not know: Aldi Süd already sells textiles very successfully. The discounter is one of the most successful textile suppliers in the industry.

On 11th April 2016 the limited edition of Jette Joop starts. Simple fashion at affordable prices, that's what Aldi Süd wants for his customers. And certainly the run on the cheap design parts will be just as lacking as at H & M & Co.

That's what the pieces designed by Jette Joop will look like

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