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That's why every woman should have a tunic

Blue tunic with ethnic embroidery, about 120 euros, Magic Woman on impressions
Photo: Impressions

We love tunics as tops

What a spectacle of color: The new tunics are versatile, how long no longer. The great thing is that they really stand for every woman. An ode to the tunic ...

We confess it: tunics are our secret summer clothes hit. Because, not only their diversity makes our hearts beat faster on warm days. They are also true styling and slender miracles that really stand for EVERY woman.

That's why we should all have at least one tunic in the closet:

  • They are available in so many colors and patterns that there really is a model for every taste.
  • Whether dress size 36 or 46, a tunic is really ALL women.
  • No matter if it's a teenager or a best aggre - a tunic will suit women of all ages and will never make you look disguised.
  • Due to its loose cut the tunic conceals a round belly as well as strong upper arms or a few hip rolls. A real Figurschmeichler.
  • On hot days you are attracted to airy, without showing too much skin. Thank light matter.
  • From work to barbecue party? No problem. The tunic proves a sense of style in the office AND at leisure.
  • Stop the question: what do I wear? The tunic can be combined well with jeans, shorts and skirt and thus shows true styling versatility.

And if you're still not convinced, just take a look at the new models in the gallery. Surely you will find that there is at least one that triggers (at least) a faint heartbeat. We are already blown away. A happy summer and our new favorite clothes!