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Roof retreat for teens

Living under the roof

Totally detached: adolescents feel at home when they have their own home in their parents' home, where they can retreat to. Ideal if you can use the roof to do so - with a platform for lolling and mobile furniture.

At the age of 17, there are still taps in your head - which can be lived out unobserved in the roof retreat. The pedestal brings the living area to a higher level and creates space for dumbbells and yoga mat. The desk on the pedestal rolls into the corner of the room when friends move in, and into the room when the blue is dreaming - or when buffaloes are announced for the next math.


A pedestal glides favorably into two zones.

Drink tea and listen to Tokio Hotel

Welcome to the Teenie Corner: on the folded mattress tied up with ribbons, with pillow backs and a cup of tea within reach, girls' hearts beat faster.

Off to the corner

Enough space for the yoga mat is on the sisal floor, when the self-made desk with castors under both sides (one was shortened to the podium height) is banished to the corner.

Manufacturer: Book Tower "Z2060 / G", about 155 Euro, shelf, about 50 Euro: Car. Chair "Segesta", about 170 euros: Alias. Side table "Pizzo 40", approx. 190 Euro: Jan Kurtz. Wall lamp "Costanzina", approx. 170 Euro: Luceplan. Table Lamp "Bracchino", about 220 Euro, spotlight "MX-2", about 190 Euro: Oligo. Striped fabric "Salsa speed", about 92 Euro / m: Luiz. Sisalboden "Jamaica", about 44 Euro / sqm: Jab Anstoetz carpets. 30 €, mattress "Follebu", easel "Ödakar", approx. 30 €, blind "Lindmon", approx. 30 €, wall shelf "lacquer", approx. 20 €, vase "Stockholm ", Baskets" Branås "and" Bladhult ", picture frames" Ribba ", pictures" Pjatteryd ", about 60 euros or 30 euros: Ikea. Glass pot "Frappe", cloth horse "Tiny Tots", pillow "Silky": Butlers. Cover box "Button", approx. 30 Euro: Habitat. Pen cup, teacup: souk. Teapot "Mox", chair cushion: The Wohngeschwister. Alarm clock "Karlson", Buddha head: The laundry. LCD TV "Hanseatic 22": Otto.