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Loki Schmidt still wanted to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary with Helmut

A century love was disconnected

In one of her last interviews, Loki Schmidt († 91) wished, "If it happens, it would be nice if we both are called together." Husband Helmut Schmidt (91) looked at her tenderly and said softly: "That's up to you but not in our hands. " It came so painfully and surprisingly, as the former chancellor guessed. While her husband held a lecture in distant Berlin, left Loki Schmidt at home in her Hamburg terraced house suddenly the life forces. Only daughter Susanne (63) was able to hold her hand until the very end. Helmut Schmidt learned of the death of his beloved wife, when it was all over - "while we still wanted to celebrate our 70th wedding anniversary ...". "Wailing and complaining -that was never her way" And yet: It was probably a gracious end. Because again and again Loki Schmidt had fallen heavily in recent years, had last broken in September a foot that did not want to heal. Friends report: "She had to endure terrible pain. Hospitals had become anathema to Loki Schmidt, she wanted to go home. 'Because if dying, then in my own four walls, ' she had said. Nevertheless: whining and complaining, that was never her way. " How true! Loki Schmidt's style - that meant all his life: show courage, tackle, pursue goals. To help others and to stand aside - she succeeded best with her husband. Helmut Schmidt once said: "Without my wife, I would never have been able to make a career. She gave her power to me. "And for the family. As an elementary school teacher, Loki Schmidt earned the money so that Helmut could study. The couple wished many children, but one son died early, daughter Susanne survived. Tea for Kissinger, no kinks for the Queen Elizabeth But Loki Schmidt does not complain. On the contrary. "My child is a great gift." She was on a par with presidents from all over the world. Brezhnev and Kissinger served her tea, but she refused a court break for the Queen. "That does not suit me." Helmut Schmidt once emphasized what really suits her: "That's me." How will he miss her ...