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Curvy Girls: Sixx Shows New Series With Plus-Size Models

Photo: X MMXII SiTv, Inc.

The XXL Latinas love their luscious curves

Now it gets pounding! Sixx shows Curvy Girls, a new US series in which plus-size models make New York and Hollywood unsafe.

Hallelujah, we are so excited about this new series. The " Curvy Girls ", which the television channel sixx will be flickering over our screens from this evening on Wednesday, August 20, 10:15 pm, have a charisma that it directly wows every viewer.

Who knows, maybe it really is the case that the radiance of a woman increases with every kilo she loves herself and likes to show. These Latin American ladies definitely prove that you can be really attractive even with a body weight far beyond match.

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The plus-size models LornaLiz, Denise, Rosie and Ivory open the doors to their world, which is at least as glamorous as their slim colleagues. These women, however, approach the modeling job with much more casualness. Their self-confidence helps them to assert themselves in an industry where almost everything revolves around "Size Zero".

> Dirndl for plus-size girls

The poundy models are accompanied in their everyday life and professional life, which is none other than the glamorous dream life in New York City or Hollywood with many parties, style and sex appeal. The XXL Latinas are in heavy demand and are extremely self-confident with their lush curves.

We are happy to be encouraged by these pictures!

And how do you like the new series? Top or flop?

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