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Cressida Bonas: Prince Harry's ex models for Mulberry

Cressida Bonas is now starting as a model.
Photo: Getty Images

From the royal house to the model Olympus

Cressida Bonas is probably best known for her flirtation with England's Prince Harry. But did you know that the blonde now also landed her first big deal as a model?

Cressida Bonas has long been known to the public as a model. But that she - as is often claimed - once stood for Burberry in front of the camera, is simply wrong. They had simply been confused with supermodel Cara Delevingne .

Now, after all, there was the first "real" fashion deal - and it is something to be proud of! For the bag brand Mulberry, Cressida Bonas plays in a short film. It does not appear until March, but it is rumored that Cressida can be seen dancing there. She would have to do pretty well, after all, the 25-year-old completed a dance education at the University of Leeds.

Also part of the role in Mulberry's short film: Freddie Fox. Cressida is said to secretly dupe the actor, so it'll be interesting to see if there are the sparks flying between the two.