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Cool festival outfit


Also in the festival summer 2012, music fans rock the sun and rain to their favorite bands. We're giving away a cool festival outfit that will equip you for any weather.

Competition Gioia de Seda
Photo: Getty Images

A stylish look for the music festival is the A and O again this summer. It should not only look cool, but also defy any weather. As a rain cape in a bright color and casual accessories in hippie look in addition to sleeping bag and tent in your luggage should not be missed.

A special eye-catcher are XL bracelets with an ethnic look, such as the "Stella" bracelet by Gioia de Seda. The handcrafted dyed water snakeskin bracelet wraps around the wrist 18 times. The narrow bracelet rows are closed with a push button as convenient! This makes it look as though the wearer wears many fine bracelets - a cool festival eyecatcher.

RaffleWe are giving away a hip festival outfit consisting of the golden bracelet "Stella" by Gioia de Seda, the bright yellow rain parka "Friese" by Derbe and the shoulder bag "My Bag" by Elliot Mann. The total value of the prize is 500 euros. Further information about the styles can be found here:

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