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Clever tips for effective cleaning in the bathroom

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  1. We'll tell you how your bathroom stays clean longer
  2. 1. Keep it open on a regular basis
  3. 2. Dry the tiles after showering
  4. 3. Use a drain sieve
  5. 4. Clean the shower curtain regularly
  6. 5. The more often you clean, the better

We'll tell you how your bathroom stays clean longer

The regular cleaning of the Bdezimmers is of course a must. But with these tips, you can make the cleanliness in the bathroom last longer.

As a linchpin of the daily deserves your bathroom special attention. It should be cleaned regularly to the smallest corners. But for reasons of time, this is not possible every day. That's why we've put together some helpful cleaning tips for the bathroom, designed to keep your once-clean bathroom a little longer.

1. Ventilate regularly

It goes without saying, but sometimes you forget it anyway. Regular airing is a very simple measure to prevent the emergence of stubborn and heat-polluting pollutants such as mold. At least after a hot bath or shower you should definitely ventilate.

2. Dry the tiles after showering

If you always wipe the tiles directly after getting in contact with soap and water, they will not get dirty quickly. It also ensures that debris is much easier to remove. Once the dirt settles, the next large plaster will certainly take longer.

3. Use a drain sieve

You can buy drain sieves either in the hardware store or in the drugstore. They use hair and dirt to settle in the drains of the shower, bath and sink, and easily prevent blockages. This will save you some of the cleaning in the bathroom even in part.

4. Clean the shower curtain regularly

A clean shower curtain can have a very big impact. The shower tray makes a much more hygienic and clean impression when the shower curtain is free from dirt and debris. Most shower curtains can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. So this job is almost done by itself.

5. The more you brush, the better

Of course, these tips should be used so that you do not have to subject your bathroom to a deep cleaning every day. But it is true: Who regularly - preferably every day - a little brushing, prevents larger and more stubborn dirt before and ultimately avoids an exhausting large plaster more often.