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Christina Aguilera is pregnant

After engagement: Baby for Christina Aguilera

The good news from Christina Aguilera's life does not want to let up. Now the baby is the pop singer in the world!

Christina Aguilera with baby belly
Photo: @xtina on Instagram
  1. Update, August 18th, 10:40 am: The baby is here!
  2. So Christina announced her luck
  3. Christina Aguilera pregnant with second child
  4. No visible baby bump yet at Christina Aguilera

Update, August 18th, 10:40 am: The baby is here!

Just then we had been happy about the sweet baby belly pictures of Christina Aguilera in the recording studio and asked us when the offspring finally comes. Schwupps, little Fratz is already in the world. On August 18, the pop diva announced on Facebook that she had borne her one daughter.

Of course, the 33-year-old mum is very proud of this, because she also announced the name of the little ones in the social network: Summer Rain Rutler is her new eye-star. With the birth of the daughter, the family happiness in the house of Aguilera-Rutler is now finally perfect. From a previous relationship, the singer already has a six-year-old son. The little Summer Rain is the first child of Christina and her fiancé Matt Rutler.

So Christina announced her luck

Already Christina Aguilera's engagement came out of the blue: on Valentine's Day 2014, she agreed to marry her six year younger friend Matt Rutler, with whom she has been with since 2010. Hardly a week later it became known why the marriage promise was so urgent: she was already pregnant!

The baby bellies of the stars we show in the gallery!

Son Max from his marriage to Jason Bratman is already six years old. Basically, it was a good time to follow up with the offspring.

Christina Aguilera pregnant with second child

However, for a long time nobody wanted to believe in lasting happiness for Christina Aguilera and production assistant Matt Rutler. When she suddenly presented her engagement ring on Twitter on February 14 and revealed that she had said "yes", the hype was big and raised questions about getting pregnant again.

No visible baby bump yet at Christina Aguilera

"People" confirmed on February 20, 2014 that Christina Aguilera is indeed expecting a baby. How far the pregnancy was already advanced, was not known. On January 28, 2014 XTina appeared at the donation gala "Hollywood Stands Up To Cancer" in a loose-fitting blouse, under which, however, was no baby stomach to identify.

So gorgeous is Christina Aguilera's engagement ring!

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