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Chris Evans: "I like tender women"

Star interview with Chris Evans

Actor Chris Evans is just starting in Hollywood. But celebrity is not so important to him.

chris evans
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His goal: to love and be loved.

Chris Evans sits alone at a long conference table in a subdued hotel room at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. No press agent, no manager in the room. That is rare. His alert, good-natured eyes and the way he responds modestly to each question make the 1.83-meter man immediately likeable. Fame does not seem to lie to him, he seems profound and puts himself in question again and again.

That does not sound like the cocky lifesaver he plays again in the second part of the sci-fi drama "Captain America 2: The Return of the First Avenger" (in German cinemas from March 27) alongside Scarlett Johansson.

JOY: Captain America is a patriotic cartoon hero that has been around in the US since the 1940s. How would you describe him to someone who does not know him?

Chris Evans: He wants to do what is right, to be a good man. And he always sets his needs behind.

You had big doubts before you pledged for part one in 2010. How do you deal with it today?

Actually, they wanted to sign me up for nine Marvel films, in which, as Captain America, I would perform either in the blockbusters of the same name or in the "Marvel's The Avengers" series alongside Iron Man and Co. We ended up agreeing on six. Before I committed to it, my big concern was that my life would change too much if the films were a success. Meanwhile, I'm more relaxed because I know now that the gigantic attention is coming in waves. Once a movie disappears from the cinemas, I can almost live a normal life again.

The next wave soon rolls up with the action film "Snow Piercer" (from 3.4.). What is it about?

The science fiction strip is set in the distant future, where the earth is covered in ice. Only a few people were able to save themselves in a train, the "Snow Piercer". I play Curtis, who provokes a rebellion in the back part of the train, where the poor live.

They once said that a star is as isolated as a superhero in the movie. Explain that in more detail.

You have a certain expectation of yourself, which is also influenced by others. But it does not correspond to reality and you run the risk of moving too far away from who you really are and what you want to do. Understanding this is a daily struggle.

Scarlett Johansson says about you, that you are very sensitive and that you can talk about everything with you. What is your favorite topic?

Spirituality. But not in the religious sense. I like to talk to people who try to understand life and see it in a wider context.

You are a Buddhist. How did you come to this lesson?

Each of us has to deal with life and what it entails. For me it has always been the confrontation with my ego, with feelings like sadness, stress and fear. When I read "Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse at the age of 17, in which the author tells the story of Buddha's enlightenment, it struck me as a dandruff. At that time, I did not even know that Buddhism existed, but I immediately identified with the teachings.

Where is your home?

Although I live in Los Angeles, I often go to Boston, where I grew up. LA is a complicated city where its own insecurities are particularly noticeable. Living in Boston helps me to be myself and to remember what is important to me.

Do you have more talent besides acting?

I am a very good tap dancer. In general I like all kinds of dance. After a few drinks, I could just get up and start.

The top priority in your life?

Relationships . It's not about what you've achieved and what it's about. When I'm old and looking back, it will not matter to me which movies I shot and what prices I got. Or what others think about me. It will only depend on who I loved and who loved me.

Her father practices as a dentist, her mother runs a children's theater. How did your parents shape you?

I learned from my father to be a man. Above all, his selflessness, rationality and serenity impress me. My mother is a bit louder, creative and spontaneous. I think I am a healthy mix of both. Without my mother I would hardly have become an actor and without my father I would not be able to keep a clear head in the sometimes superficial show business.

Are you single. Her mother once said that you will probably be a good father, but not mature enough to marry ...

(laughs) My mother is a very funny woman and you can have a lot of fun with her.

What does your dream girl look like?

She definitely should have brown hair and be affectionate to children and dogs. I like tender women.

Your definition of love?

To love and be loved by someone is above all a matter of respect for me. We all change every day. It is a great challenge to find someone to grow and develop together with. But that kind of love, in my opinion, has the best chance of keeping up.

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