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Chris Brown and Bow Wow give strippers a fortune

Thousands of dollars spent in the sex club: Bow Wow and Chris Brown are having a good time

Bow Wow and Chris Brown

It has to be a great feeling if you're a music star and can afford anything, right? Of course you should not overdo it completely and throw your money out of the window. Someone like Michael Jackson, for example, just did not know his limits, and the King of Pop even made it financially ruin. Just over, said that Chris Brown and Bow Wow went to a strip club in Miami last week and wrote over 15, 000 Dollar expenses. After their joint concert, they brought their great entourage and celebrated all night, while the alcohol flowed in torrents. Several strippers each received over $ 5, 000 from Bow Wow and Chris BrownThe problem was not the bill, but the generosity of the two singers. Chris and Bow Wow gave some strippers a big tip. And no, we are not talking about a few hundred dollars here. The amounts went into the thousands. Gentlemen, that's what we call it! RP

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