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Chelsea Boots: How to style the trendy ankle boots

Double hit! Chelsea boots give the issued skirt nice contra and harmonize perfectly with the androgynous jacket.
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With cool models for after-shopping

Finally a trend shoe with tradition! Identification of the boot: The side rubber insert. It was invented at the beginning of the 19th century by JS Hall, shoemaker of the English royal family. In the 60s, the Beatles made him famous again, today he is a stylish classic - the Chelsea boat!

The narrower the Chelsea boat is cut and the thinner the sole, the more elegant it looks. Hole patterns additionally refine - ideal for the dandy look . But beware of wide feet: Here are more robust models with a rough sole better. The grunge trend makes these shoes a great alternative to biker boots .

Chelsea boots are flat, over-the-knee shoes with side elastic band inserts. It creates a slim fit that eliminates the need for a lacing, buckle or zipper.

This ankle boot is almost 200 years old and was originally a men's shoe. Accordingly, Chelsea boots bring a masculine touch in the look and look as a contrast medium very casual to dresses and skirts. For a dandy complete look, the shoe is also happy about men's trousers and blouse as a companion.

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