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ChartsKarneval-Musik: These are the carnival hits 2019

You love the carnival season and everything related to it? We'll tell you the top 10 carnival hits for 2019.

Carnival music can not be missing! These are the carnival hits 2019
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On today's Rosemontag, thousands of carnival fans are drawn out again. In addition to a funny costume one thing must not be missing: music! Fittingly, the "Official German Charts / GfK Entertainment" has determined the most popular carnival hits for 2019.

And that's the top 10:

  1. Cordula Green - Josh (original)
  2. Cordula Green - The Daredevils (Cover)
  3. Kölsche Jung - Brings
  4. Helicopter 117 (Make the Hub Hub Hub - Tobee
  5. Hulapalu - Andreas Gabalier
  6. Never again Fastelovend - cross beat
  7. Mama Laudaaa - Almklausi & Specktakel
  8. Polka, polka, polka - brings
  9. Leev Marie - Paveier
  10. Johnny Däpp - Lorenz Büffel

The song "Cordula Grün" is almost at the double top. The original by the Austrian singer Josh. (real name: Johannes Sumpich) reaches first place, the cover version of the band The Daredevil Platz 2. Well, then dear Jecken: Alaaf and Helau!

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