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Charlotte Casiraghi makes a good figure in football

Charlotte Casiraghi always cuts a fine figure - even in football.
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She represented her uncle Albert

She even cuts a fine figure in football: Charlotte Casiraghi, 26, eldest daughter of Princess Caroline (56). Together with her brother Andrea (28), who recently became a father for the first time, she kicked a few balls to mark the 20th anniversary of the "World Stars Football Match" in Monaco.

In the traditional tournament, whose proceeds go to a good cause, the Star Team Monaco - usually led by Prince Albert (55) - competes against a Formula One team.

However, Prince Albert and his wife Charlène (35) were missing this year. Instead, they sent the young people. Charlotte and Andrea Casiraghi were allowed to take over the representative part of the tasks, showed themselves briefly on the field and then cheered their team from the stands to.

In the field then her brother Pierre Casiraghi (25) and cousin Louis Ducruet (20, son of Princess Stéphanie, 48) stood her husband. Together with stars such as tennis player Novak Djokovic, ex-footballer Pavel Nedved and Max Biaggi (former motorcycle racer), they fought for glory and honor in the "World Stars Football Match".

Of course, footballer Paul Noel Ettori, friend of Princess Stéphanie's daughter Pauline, could not be missing when the stars competed against prominent racers. Felipe Masa and Fernando Alonso played on the Formula One side.

Charlotte Casiraghi not only made a good impression on stage but also cheered. Because the Star Team Monaco brought a 3-2 win home. Who knows? Maybe the young Monegas may run a little more often in the future and represent their uncle Albert, while touring in the history of the world. Their job is already excellent!