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Charlie Sheen resigns his custody

Charlie Sheen is reported to have given custody of his daughters

Charlie Sheen

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The star of 'Two and a Half Men' has signed an agreement two weeks ago, according to which his ex-wife Denise Richards gets full custody of six-year-old Sam and four-year-old Lola. Thus, the actor gives the joint custody of the two girls on the gossip website 'TMZ' reported that the actress has demanded the full legal custody after Sheen had fallen into the negative headlines in recent weeks. The marriage problems with Brooke Mueller, his alcohol dependency, and the charge of attacking his still-wife in December of last year were crucial to Richards' claim. Although Sheen readily signed the document, it has not been filed in court yet. The agreement means that the 39-year-old Richards can now make important decisions such as the education of the children or their medical treatment without the consent of their ex-husband. She could even move with the children to another country, without Sheen having to agree. The 2006 divorce agreement gave the actress, who receives $ 50, 000 a month in child support, the primary right to education and her 44-year-old child Ex-husband Visiting Rights. Sheen, who raises the 13-month-old twins Max and Bob with Brooke Mueller, is living alone at the moment. Recently, however, he asserted that he did not want to give up his marriage and that Mueller's divorce was out of the question. In March, Sheen declared himself "not guilty" of the lawsuit over the attack on Mueller. The trial date is July 21st.