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Charlene: Will she stand forever in the shadow of unforgotten Gracia?

Charlene makes an effort, but does she feel really comfortable in her role?
Photo: Stephane Cardinale / People Avenue / Corbis

On the 30th anniversary of the death of the legendary Grace Kelly, the truth comes to light

Grace Kelly assumed her role as Princess. Charlene is still having a hard time with it.

That it is not easy for them, was all clear: As the new princess of Monaco succeeding the unforgotten Gracia († 1982) to compete, is truly a heavy legacy for Charlene Wittstock (34). "Everybody is unique, " she herself tried in an interview before her wedding, to resist the comparison with the legend. But now it looks like Charlene could stand forever in the shadow of Gracia ...

The book "Grace" by Thilo Wydra (Aufbau Verlag, 22, 99 Euro) was released on the 30th anniversary of the death of the once revered mother of the nation - and reveals surprising insights. Thus, the author describes how unhappy and lost the young Princess Gracia Patricia initially felt in the palace. From one day to the next, she had to leave her life behind as a celebrated Hollywood star. Because for the court it was out of the question, that she would continue to work as an actress. The offer of Alfred Hitchcock to take over the lead role in his trill "Marnie", they had to cancel. Gracia should therefore have got real depression.

The parallel to Charlene is almost inevitable. She too was used to a very different life. As a successful swimmer, she enjoyed the time with her team and did not have to take any court etiquette into account. She could use her talent, be with other young people, train and celebrate happily.

Still, there is a big difference between the two women: Gracia finally took on the challenge, miraculously mastering her new role. The happiness with her three children certainly helped her accept her fate . Charlene, on the other hand, seems far from that. Her offspring are not in sight and in her performances at the side of Albert (54) everyone can see how difficult it is for her to be the Princess of Monaco. She only looks happy when she comes into contact with sports and her old life.

Sister Stephanie (47) had guessed: "The aura of my mother will be the hardest for Charlene. They will be compared again and again, "the Princess once said in a TV interview. The shadow of unforgotten Gracia - he will always accompany Charlene ...

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