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Channing Tatum: "I want to become a father soon!"

Channing Tatum interviewed by Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Channing Tatum likes to show off his funny side in the cinema. But in an interview with JOY he reveals his soft core and raves about his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Channing Tatum
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The actor also remains completely relaxed with private questions about Jenna Dewan-Tatum

When Channing Tatum enters the suite in the "Bayerischer Hof" in Munich, the sun rises. With his mischievous smile and the small dimples, I find him likeable on the spot. His handshake is firm and visually the 1.85-meter-tall American looks rather macho: His hair is cut short and under the dark blue longsleeve I can see well-defined muscles despite the jacket he wears over it. No wonder he has such a great wife with Jenna Dewan-Tatum!

The style of Channing Tatum shows the gallery!

In conversation, the 32-year-old is completely relaxed and very open - even when it comes to private issues, such as his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum. With sparkling eyes, Channing tells me how much he's looking forward to a beer after work, including pizza, because he's not filming a movie for which he has to keep a strict protein diet.

JOY: So far, they've been mostly for action movies in front of the camera. "21 Jump Street" is your first comedy. What was different for you?

Channing Tatum: The pressure to be funny was extremely high. I like to have fun, but I'm not the private proverb and entertainer. The worst thing is when people try to be funny on the go! Fortunately, my co-star Jonah Hill is incredibly funny - he made my comedy debut very easy!

At the beginning of the film, your character wears a very ugly hairstyle: shoulder-length, smoothed hair with center parting. Do you also remember a styling faux pas that still embarrasses you today?

Indeed! At 18, I dyed my hair platinum blonde and wore an eyebrow piercing. This "Florida look" was very popular in 1998, but when I see the photos today, I can only shake my head (laughs).

What other memories do you associate with your own high school days?

My worst date! I went to the movies with a girl, but on the way we had a little car accident. I then had to change a tire in the pouring rain and we missed the movie. An absolute romance killer (laughs)!

Channing Tatum talks about his great love Jenna Dewan

In 2006 you met your great love Jenna Dewan - on the set of your common dance movie "Step Up". Did you celebrate your wedding three years later with a spectacular wedding dance?

No, Jenna and I chose a slow, very intimate waltz. We did not want to put on a big show, according to the motto: Look at all, how we got it! After our couple dance, the DJ played "Sweet Home Alabama" and all guests stormed onto the dance floor.

You are very busy on the job. How do you keep the love for your wife Jenna Dewan alive?

To be romantic, you do not have to book a plane with a "I love you" banner. I show Jenna with small gestures that I think of her - as with a loving SMS. Before I go away, I often stick her a post-it with a heart or smiley to her PC. Sometimes I secretly put her a love letter in her purse.

Do you also cook for Jenna Dewan?

Basically yes, but my specialties like pasta or lasagna are not exactly healthy. In addition, Jenna eats vegan recently, because I do not remember what I should cook (laughs)!

Do you want to have both children?

Absolutely. We were looking at the end of this year, but Jenna does not want to put her career down. I hope, I will father very soon! So far we only have our dog Meeka together (laughs).

Are you a big animal lover?

Absolutely! I always find animal films so incredibly touching. Since I can shed a few tears as Steven Spielberg's horse movie "Companions".

In the next movie "Magic Mike" you play a stripper. The film is based on your youth: With 19 you dropped the covers for money. Could you help your co-stars with the dance scenes?

I gave a few tips to Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, and Joe Manganiello, but we had great choreographers working with Madonna. In addition, we all went to the inspiration strip club - unfortunately only men danced there! However, before the first time we had to undress, we all had a panic! For that I can promise the women: The cinema tickets pay off! For their money they get really full program (laughs)!

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