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Chanel launches new bag - and she looks ... like a jacket

In the campaign Vanessa Paradis presents the new Chanel Girl Bag.
Photo: Manufacturer

Chanel Girl Bag: This is the new one from Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel designs regularly trigger a gasp breath. But the new Chanel Girl Bag surprisingly arouses completely different feelings with us.

Double C, plain black, quilted leather, chain handle - a Chanel bag can be recognized at first glance! Unfortunately, just under 3, 500 euros separate us from our pocket dream. But dreaming is allowed. And for even more sleepless nights, Chanel should provide the following message: There's a new bag! The Chanel Girl Bag . She was inspired by the label's famous tweed jacket. The Girl has a long strap, contrasting stitching and a button placket.

Cost of the bag Girl Chanel : 3350 euros for a brown-black model made of lamb leather, 3200 euros for the little Girl Chanel made of shiny calf leather, 3100-3800 euros for the models with tweed. In short: Anyone who buys this Chanel bag must love them, adore them for hours, every day and every night. But at the sight of the new Chanel bag we are not upset at all. She looks like a chanelige leather jacket, which the wearer has swung quickly around her shoulder. But this part does not provide for gasping. That the part will certainly be a bestseller nevertheless, is almost certain. Karl Lagerfeld's fashion disciples follow the designer - through good and (sorry) bad times.

We prefer to save further on the 2.55 from Chanel. And the boy bag. And pass us the time with these pretty bag look alikes ...

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