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Chanel movie: Cara Delevingne and Pharell as Sissi and Franz

Cara Delevingne sings

Of course Cara Delevingne is very versatile as a supermodel and has already been seen in many roles. Pharrell is a great musical talent and proves diversity in his genre as well.

Chanel movie Cara Delevingne, Pharrell
Photo: Karl Lagerfeld / PR
Nevertheless, their new cooperation is still very astonishing: they sing a duet for a new Chanel film in the roles of the Austrian imperial couple Sissi and Franz I.

Update 2 November 2014, 19.55 clock: Cara Delevingne singing and in dirndl

Chanel's much-anticipated short film has been released, and it's indeed amazing with scenes that we have to watch twice. In the more than seven-minute story with the Totel "Reincarnation", Gabrielle Chaplin takes over the role of Coco Chanel, but becomes a minor character.

Cara Delevingne mimics an Austrian waitress in dirndl, who transforms herself at night with lift-porter Pharrell into Sissi and Franz. Not only do we get the "lucky" interpreter, but we also hear the supermodel singing. Here is the movie in full length:

Unusual Sissi Revival at Christmas 2014

Who remembers the old Sissi films with Romy Schneider, who experience a revival every year at Christmas? This Advent there is a spectacular remake of the Schnulz trilogy from the 50s.

The personal style of Cara Delevingne shows the gallery!

Karl Lagerfeld recreates the love story and promoted for his Chanel film, which will be premiered in early December for the launch of his M├ętiers d'art collection in Salzburg, the most unexpected protagonists: Cara Delevingne mimes Sissi, Pharell a dark-skinned Franz.

It's not just the Emperor Waltz with a modern Pharell spin, it's said that he and the British over-model even perform a duet. The fashion czar personally revealed that Cara had wanted to sing for a long time, and now is allowed to make her musical debut with Pharrell. The appearance of the first promo poster is extremely curious. As bizarre as the casting sounds, a media spectacle will definitely be this campaign!

Chanel has already released a teaser trailer that makes you curious:

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