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CD packaging in heart shape

  • Cardstock in light and dark pink (craft shop)
  • Satin ribbon in beige (craft shop)
  • Gold metal foil (craft shop)
  • Glue stick (eg from Pritt)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Lochzange


Put a CD on the light cardboard and draw a heart with at least 1 cm distance around it and cut out.

2. Place the heart on the dark cardboard, mark the heart with a pencil and scissors the heart shape with a pair of scissors 1.5 cm apart.

3. Place the two hearts on top of each other and punch a hole every 1-2 cm with the hole pliers on the edge of the two hearts.

4. Loop the satin ribbon through the holes to join both hearts. Leave an opening for the CD, insert the CD and close the heart.

5. Cut a heart out of gold foil for the middle of the packaging and fix it in the middle with glue stick.

6. Cut a small cardboard card out of dark cardboard and glue it with a heart of gold foil.

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