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Cara Delevingne: "Free the Nipple" on Instagram

Cara Delevingne protests against Instagram censorship.
Photo: Getty Images

So the model wants to ensure equality

Cancellation of the nipple: Who does not behave "chastened enough" on Instagram, threatens the blocking of the account. How supermodel Cara Delevingne pushes the "liberation of the nipple", learn here.

It's been ten years since Janet Jackson's chest was exposed at Justin Timberlake's legendary Super Bowl appearance. Ten years in which not much has happened: In large parts of the US, the display of a female nipple is still a taboo.

This also affects the guidelines of the photo service Instagram , which reacts to female negligence by deleting the account. This rule is next model Anja Rubik already fallen victim to singer Rihanna. No wonder that caused some protests: Bruce Willis's daughter Scout was filming as she was walking through New York without, and the "tata-top" was also developed, a bikini top that looks like it's his bearer naked.

One of the prominent supporters of the "Free the Nipple" campaign is also supermodel and new actress Cara Delevingne , who repeatedly posts pictures on Instagram, which they show almost without. Especially a photo encourages thinking: It shows Cara's chest and that of a buddy next to each other. Painted are the areas that can be shown on Instagram and what needs to be censored. It becomes clear how nonsensical the censorship of the nipple is - after all, looks the same in both of them.

Whether "Free the Nipple" will ultimately lead to the conversion of the guidelines of Instagram, remains questionable. However, the 116, 000 followers of the campaign on Twitter show how important the topic is. In the end, it's less about nakedness than about equality.