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Cannabis cultivation for critically ill legal

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  1. pain Management
  2. The background
  3. The judgment
  4. The terms
  5. The downside

pain Management

The cultivation of cannabis is legal - in individual cases. In the future, seriously ill people are allowed to grow cannabis as long as they use the drug for therapeutic purposes.

Almost 300 people in Germany are allowed to buy cannabis, legally. The cultivation is forbidden so far. Now an innovation. In individual cases, the cultivation of cannabis should be allowed after thorough examination and for medical purposes.

The background

Five middle-aged men have filed a lawsuit seeking to legalize cannabis cultivation . They suffer from multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and ADHD. Although all five claimants have a cannabis dispenser permit, the costs are so high that they will not be able to handle them in the long term. The health insurance does not come up for the special form of the pain therapy.

The judgment

Three plaintiffs are allowed to cannabis cultivation, denied the other two plaintiffs. The reasons: Plaintiff number one had not submitted to all reasonable treatment alternatives. Plaintiff number two live in an apartment that is not sufficiently protected.

The terms

Only those whose living conditions provide a safe basis may grow the anesthetic. It must be ensured that third parties can come into contact neither with the plants nor with the products. A theft-proof locking by a lock is usually not enough. Thus, one of the plaintiffs is ordered to close every single plant in a defensive cabinet.

The downside

The representatives of the defendant authorities point out that the legalization of cannabis cultivation entails great risks. It is true that cannabis relieves pain and therefore the acquisition and consumption has been allowed for a long time. However, those who grow their cannabis themselves must do so in above-average quantities. One of the plaintiffs mentioned needed about 100 g of cannabis flowers per month, which would correspond to the cultivation of 25 hemp plants.

The effectiveness of cannabis has not been sufficiently researched. Although it should help MS patients in the fight against spasticity, but how it affects the pain therapy is not clear. Also about side effects is still little talked.