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Camilla taunts badly against Prince William: "Buy yourself a wig!

Will Camilla secure the crown with her attacks on William and Kate?
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Zoff at the Windsors?

"Buy a wig !" This is what Duchess Camilla (65) recently said to Prince William (30). According to the American "Globe" magazine, the Windsors is said to be in a family state of emergency.

It is not enough that just recently teenage idol Justin Bieber (18) made fun of William's dwindling hair and advised him to a hair restorer.

Now, the ridicule is supposed to come from their own family. Prince William's stepmother Camilla is said to have blatantly berated William. "Your head looks like a baby's poppy, buy a wig !" she is supposed to have said, the Globe knows.

Furious, Prince William is said to have replied, "I'm thinking about a wig if you have another facelift done."

The little royal family quarrel should go even further. For some time now allegedly smoldering the dispute between Camilla and William and Kate. Camilla should be jealous of the popularity of the two - and: on Kate's beauty. Camilla is to be feared that she will be ignored in the succession to the throne and will pass the crown directly to William after the Queen.

The ambitious Camilla should therefore take every opportunity to blaspheme about William and Kate. Also, the holiday photos that showed Kate in bikini were supposedly a reason for vulgar comments for Camilla.

Prince William is said to have advised his father Charles (63) a few times to keep Camilla away from Kate. And Kate for her part should try to protect William. At the Olympic Games in London she should have Camilla set aside for a serious conversation.

If all that is true, what the "Globe" reported there? It seems a bit strange, if Camilla should drag on the grandson of the Queen and the queen herself, however, does not intervene. After all, Queen Elizabeth was never a big fan of Camilla. And even if Camilla bravely strikes, the Queen Camilla would hardly prefer her grandson William.

In addition, the succession is already clarified by British law anyway. Charles will become the next king - unless he voluntarily renounces it himself. So why such a childish quarrel? We look forward to new stories from the House of Windsors ...