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Bye-bye, little black! White clothes on trend

Bright joy!

The "Little Black Dress" stays in the closet from Copenhagen to Berlin for the first time - white dresses are the summer replacement for all trend setters. Whether clean, punky or romantic - all looks are allowed!

Do not be afraid of white! Who can wear it?

For the snow-white complete look you have to have a slightly tanned complexion ! Because porcelain skin is often paler through the tone. Light-colored guys should therefore prefer to wear cream-colored clothes and put on some rouge - that flatters!

Does it carry on?

Okay, white is not a figure flatterer! But for curve queens, this trend is still not taboo! Styling rule: Contrasts must be set here. Problem areas are covered with dark pieces and with light clothes you put your preferences in the right light.

How does the white shine?

Is this new? No, just washed with the right care ! To prevent fogging, it is best to add a bleach every third time.

What to do with stubborn stains?

Unfortunately you can see everything on white! Treat lipstick streaks with some alcohol before washing. Sparkling water helps with choco-blobs. Put the bubble on the stain and dab gently. Then wash as usual.

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