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Busenblitzer with Jessie J

Jessie J shows skin at the Brit Awards 2013

Jessie J / IF

Yesterday in London, the coveted "Brit Awards" were awarded and all the ranks and names had cavorted on the red carpet. Aside from Taylor Swift and Rita Ora, Jessie J also showed off her glamorous side. Unfortunately, she did gain some deep insights. The floor-length, black dress with the navel-deep neckline presented more than it covered. Since there was always the risk that Jessie's breasts became independent, the singer stood quite stick-stiff on the red carpet. Jessie J almost causes a scandal. One could only hope that the tape sits well and Jessie does not provide for the scandal of the evening. Maybe the Brit Awards, like the Grammys, will soon have a dress code that prohibits so much breasts. MB