Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Colorful wreath on the chair

  • 2 plug wires (from the florist)
  • Flower band (eg

      Gottacoll; from the florist)
    • about 2 hydrangea branches
    • about 6 stems lady's mantle
    • about 6 stems star chamomile
    • about 6 stems trachelium
    • Flower wire in dark green (from the florist)
    • Vichy check ribbon in pink (department store)
    • scissors

    1. Wrap the wires with flower ribbon and wind them in a circle.

    2. Assemble flower sections to small mixed clumps and fix them with flower wire to the circle. Arrange tufts in shingles until the circle is completely covered.

    4. Finally, pull the Vichy check ribbon through the garland and attach both ends to the chair.