Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Colorful carnival table

For the name tag:

- Motivschere (craft shop)

- paper in blue and white (craft shop)

- Liquid all-purpose glue (craft shop)

- confetti (deco shop or homemade with a punch and colored paper)

- gift ribbon (eg

by Rico Design; Craft store)

- Scissors

- pencil

For pompom confetti:

- Pompon set (eg from Prym, about or needlework / haberdashery, about 4.95 euros)

- wool in yellow, purple, pink (haberdashery, eg from Rico Design, about 3 euros)

- Scissors

For the vases:

- Materials

- Different bottles, empty and clean

- Spray paint in white (eg from Rico design, craft shop, about 7 euros, 150 ml)

- carnations

- Knife

For the placemat:

- Paper in blue and yellow shades (craft shop)

- Perforator

For the hats:

- solid paper in blue (craft shop)

- double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa)

- Pompon (craft shop or homemade)

- rickrack (craft shop or haberdashery)

- rubber cord (haberdashery)

- adhesive (craft shop)

- Scissors

- Circle

- Perforator

Name Tag:

1. Use the scissors to cut an oval out of blue paper.

2. Glue the oval on white paper and cut it out to leave a narrow white border.

3. Draw a letter on the oval with a pencil and draw it with glue.

4. Sprinkle confetti in the still moist glue.

5. Remove excess confetti and possibly work out the letter a little bit more.

6. Punch the shield once, pull through a band and tie it to the chair.


1. For the pompoms, wrap 2 semicircles of the pompom with wool as per the package instructions.

2. Put the wound halves together and cut the wool sideways with scissors.

3. Pass a double wool thread between the template sides and tie them together tightly in the middle, so that the wool comes up to the pompon.

4. Remove the template parts and, if necessary, use the scissors to cut the threads a little so that a uniform ball is created.

Tip: Pompoms can also be made on two cardboard templates with a hole in the middle.


1. Spray bottles of white paint thinly and let them dry.

2. Repeat the process until the bottles are completely white.

3. Remove carnation stalks from excess green and cut diagonally with a knife.

4. Put in the bottles filled with water.

Table mat:

1. Cut confetti out of colored paper with the punch.

2. Copy the confetti in the copy shop with approx. 200% on a sheet of A3 paper.


1. Cut a quarter of a circle out of solid paper (here: 20 cm in diameter)

2. Roll up the paper and fix the ends with double-sided adhesive tape.

3. Stick a small pompom to the top.

4. Cut the rickrack and stick it on the hat.

5. Punch the hat twice and pull the rubber cord through.