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Bubble head with lucky guy

  • 1 terracotta pot without hole
  • Acrylic paint in red and white (eg

      from Hobby Line; Craft store)
    • Cardboard in white
    • Glue stick (eg from Pritt)
    • checkered ribbon in red and white
    • Toadstool for insertion (decoration department) or here: mushroom made of dry felt itself
    • bob
    • 1 wide and 1 fine brush
    • pinking shears
    • scissors
    • Perforator

    1. Paint the terracotta pot red and allow to dry.

    2. Paint small white dots with the fine brush and allow to dry.

    3. Cut a small rectangle from cardboard with the zigzag scissors. Print "Glückspilz" with the computer, cut out and stick on.

    4. Punch the plate and knot with the ribbon to the mushroom.

    5. Place the bob head in the container and insert the mushroom with the labels.

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