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Bad rumors about the wedding in Monaco

Prince Albert and his Charlene
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Two dream weddings and very different consequences: While Prince William of Britain and his wife Catherine are received in exuberance almost everywhere in Canada, dark clouds gather over Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife Charlene during their trip to South Africa. A triumphal procession for the Windsors, a gauntlet for the Grimaldis. Reason for the "bad press" are bad rumors, and every day new ones are added!

Headwind for Albert and Charlene was already felt before their glamorous wedding celebration . Charlene tried a few days before the marriage to pinch, it said in a French Internet portal (lexpress). There was talk of her husband's new extra-marital child and her planned escape to South Africa. Mediators finally succeeded in persuading them to return. A tremendous suspicion that not everyone believed.

But in the meantime the messages are falling over. In France, "Journal du Dimanche" reports of a contract signed by Charlene, in which she allegedly committed herself to the wedding. According to the French source, they were "reminded" of this agreement upon their return. Hard to imagine, but in the UK "Sunday Times" put it on top. There it is assumed that Charlenes yes-word was "bought" by a large sum of money. Details about it spread in Spain "El Mundo". Accordingly, Charlene has committed to keep silent, at least five years as a princess in Monaco to stay and leave any children in the care of Grimaldis.

More than a rumor? While Albert's lawyers have vehemently denied Charlenes 's attempted escape, according to agency reports, no official statements have yet been made on the other allegations. Albert is said to have joked with South Africa's president about "bride money". A bad joke? The royal wedding in Monaco was perfectly staged like in a Hollywood movie. Maybe too perfect ... This kind of thing quickly gets envious on the scene or people who have something against "played luck".

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