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Groom and mother surprise with funny wedding dance

Photo: YouTube / Rumble Viral

Nobody had expected such a performance

A fixed feature of every wedding celebration is the wedding dance. But no one suspected what this groom was doing with his mother on the floor.

Not only the bride and groom will remember this wedding celebration all their life, also the guests should remember this day in the memory. The reason for that could be seen below in the video .

The newlywed husband has just finished the opening dance with his wife, as is already the traditional dance with the mother's turn. The two cling to each other and initially move a little awkwardly to a blunt ballad.

But suddenly the music stops and something completely unexpected happens : Both put on sunglasses and start with a spectacular dance choreography . Whether it's Bee Gees, MC Hammer or Psy with his "Gangnam Style" - this dance insert simply rocks and makes sure there is a lot of excitement among the wedding guests.

Another wedding dance that leaves a lasting impression.