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Glasses are in beautiful BUT!

The "Boho Sunnycord" by Coco Bonito is available for about 25 euros in the online shop.
Photo: Manufacturer

Great eyewear chains are the best surprise of the summer

Glasses bands are practical, but really unsexy. Until now! Because there are also chains with which we are only too happy to secure our sunglasses. You can buy it ready - or just do it yourself!

The loss of glasses is always associated with lamentation: dreadful when you have to watch from the railing of a sailing yacht, as the beloved frame disappears in the floods. Or you just forget the sunglasses on the table in the beach bar. Everything has already happened, everything annoying. What one could have wished for in both cases of loss: a pair of spectacles . No, not the old fabric threads that exist with every optician - but the new, pretty parts. They are rather chains of glasses, real pieces of jewelry that do not disturb the overall outfit, but enrich it properly.

Especially pretty eyewear chains called "Sunnycords" are available at the Amsterdam accessory label Coco Bonito . The sunglasses bands are not only practical, but also really chic: with feathers, macrame, pendants, pompoms or pearls. From 15 euros there are the colorful ribbons in the Cologne boutique Belgique or directly in the online shop of the Dutch brand.

If you do not want to buy, just tinker yourself. Vlogger Elisa by alive4fashion shows in this DIY video how to do it.

And now? Missing only the right sunglasses! The coolest models of the summer we show here: Just pick, shop, put on and enjoy it for a long time - we will lose the new glasses that is no longer. Glasses band thank you!