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Baked apple cake in autumn - with sour cream

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Apple Pie alert!

Even better than apples in a cake: Roasted apples in a cake - refined with cinnamon and sugar. As we know it from the Christmas bakery. Our baked apple pie - a poem!

It does not take snow-covered fields and chilling-cold temperatures to enjoy our baked apple pie. We enjoy the fruity culinary delights today and look forward to a delicious cake treat.

What do you like most about your baked apple? Spiked with marzipan or caramelized? We can not decide and embed our apples in a trilogy of caramel, cinnamon sugar and marzipan. A little tip: If you do not like raisins, replace them with dried cranberries or cherries.

Our apple compote - on a light and light sponge cake bottom and under a creamy sour cream - irresistible pie delights in autumn.

At least as delicious: apple pie with Florentine crumble.

baked apple gateau

Ingredients (12-16 pieces)

2 eggs, 195 g + 2EL sugar, 50 g flour, 45 g cornstarch, 1 slightly heaped teaspoon baking powder, 50 g ground almonds without skin, 1.5 kg apples, 4 tablespoons lemon juice, 375 ml apple juice, 100 g sultanas, 1 cinnamon stick, skinned peel of 1/2 untreated lemon, 100 g marzipan crude, 3 sheets of white gelatine, 250 g of whipped cream, 300 g of sour cream, 40-50 g of almonds, about 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, fat and flour for the mold base


1. Separate eggs. Whisk egg whites and 2 tablespoons of lukewarm water with the whisk of the mixer until stiff and pour in 75 g of sugar. Add egg yolks one after the other and beat them. Mix flour, 20 g of starch and baking powder, sift on the mass of egg yolk and fold in with the almonds.

2. Grease the bottom of a springform pan (26 cm Ø) and dust with flour. Fill in the biscuit mixture, smooth it out and bake in the preheated oven (electric cooker: 175 ° C / circulating air: 150 ° C / gas: stage 2) for approx. 20 minutes. Allow the biscuit to cool in the mold on a wire rack.

3. Peel, quarter and core the apples. Dice apple pieces roughly and mix with lemon juice. Caramelise 120 g of sugar in a large pot. Add apples and 250 ml apple juice and bring to a boil. Then add the sultanas, cinnamon stick and lemon peel and cook covered for about 10 minutes. Put the apples on a large sieve, drain the juice and collect. Remove cinnamon stick and lemon zest and put the collected juice back into the pot. Stir 25 g of starch and 125 ml of cold apple juice, add the hot juice to the saucepan and bring to a boil while stirring. Simmer for about 1 minute, then fold in the apples and let the compote cool.

4. Finely dice the marzipan and, after approx. 30 minutes, lift it under the compote. Put the pomegranate compote on the sponge cake and leave to cool for about 1 hour.

5. Soak gelatin in cold water. Whip the cream. Sour cream, 1 tablespoon sugar and vanillin sugar with the whisk of the hand mixer for about 3 minutes until creamy. Express gelatin, dissolve and mix with about 1 tbsp sour cream. Then stir in the remaining sour cream. Add the cream and lightly wave the cream on the cold compote. Cook the cake for about 2 hours. Roast almonds in a pan without fat, remove immediately and allow to cool. Mix 1 tbsp sugar and ground cinnamon. Remove the cake from the tin, put it on a cake plate and sprinkle with almonds and cinnamon sugar.