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Boris and Lilly have reconciled - for their little son

Boris and Lilly on a walk with son Amadeus.

Happy again!

Family Becker laughs, fools around and enjoys relaxing days in Miami. Well, something like that - Boris (44), Lilly (35) and son Amadeus (2) have not been so satisfied for a long time ...

Children feel when their parents are no longer happy with each other - even if they try so hard to maintain the facade for the little ones. And how much the little Amadeus may have suffered in recent months: More and more Mama Lilly and Papa Boris fell silent. Then again, there was heated argument, even in public. And tears flowed with bitter disappointment.

But suddenly Boris and Lilly got caught again - yes, they did reconcile themselves, especially for their son. And you can see in his blue eyes, how much he enjoys this new family harmony: Since he raves giggling on his daddy, biting his mum exuberantly in the foot and just radiates in this way. Finally cuddling instead of crying and laughing instead of quarreling and tears. Boris and Lilly have finally loved each other again.

But hopefully this new family happiness will not be short-lived again. That would not only be dear to little Amadeus .

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