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Boris Becker: When will he finally come to his senses?

Boris Becker looks damaged ...
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After the shocking confession!

He was the youngest Wimbledon champion of all time in 1985. Our hero. Boris Becker (45) - the name stood for fitness, health, success. Boris Becker today: clear overweight - even if he tries to feed the stomach as soon as he is photographed. His face looks bloated. And even a hat can not distract from the bad eye rings.

Is Boris just out of shape - or is he ill? "Yes, I finally admit it! After several hip, knee and ankle surgery I have five pounds more on my hips today than 20 years ago, "he confessed in an interview.

And he adds: "With a titanium hip and an iron splint in the ankle joint, it's difficult to keep up the good work." Staggering! But is that a reason to let go, yes, to continue risking his health, as the 45-year-old does today? When will Boris Becker finally come to his senses ? He should also know that every kilo too much unnecessarily burdened an artificial hip and broken joints.

Boris used to play soccer on the beach with his sons Noah (today 19) and Elias (13), but today he prefers to raise his legs. Amadeus (3), his youngest, probably can not count on daddy as playmates. But we see his father more often with calorie bombs and a glass of wine.

He could do more sport again

Despite the many operations that Boris Becker has behind him, you can do a lot of sports. Swimming or cycling for example. And you can watch his diet. So much discipline should a former high-performance athlete still muster. If not for himself, then at least for his little son.

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