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Boris Becker: Is the wild life more important than his children?

Does he know what's going on in his family?

The dress super sexy, the view damn seductive - Lilly Becker (34) knows how she can keep husband Boris Becker (43) in a good mood. And since both hardly miss a party, their motto is obviously: You have to celebrate the festivals, as they fall!

Does he know what's going on in his family? The couple has just had a few days of fun at the Cannes Film Festival. But does fourfold father Boris Becker actually know what's going on in his family? Is his wild life more important to him than his children? Asked by a reporter, where is Söhnchen Amadeus, the tennis legend said: "He's not here tonight. He is only 15 months old, because he is still too small for it. " The reporter hooked up: " And where is he? " Boris Becker thoughtfully: " Uh ... at our house, yes. " Pardon me? Dad has to think before he remembers where his youngest son is? Well, the little one was safe and sound and was probably asleep. Better than traveling with parents all the time. Noah has begged for help on the internet However, Noah (17), Boris Becker's eldest son, gives cause for concern. He almost begged for help on the Internet: "I just want a family again! I wish I could turn back time by ten years when I did not have any worries and a family. I can not live like that! " And then the perplexed boy revealed what he desperately wanted: " Someone to talk to, please. " Does not Boris Becker suspect what his children are missing? Is it clear to him that nothing can replace the love and affection of a father? And a boy like Noah, who makes first love experiences, often feels misunderstood, perplexed - and very lonely. Half the world knows that now. Hopefully, Father Boris will notice as well!

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