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Boris Becker: Does grief make him sick?

Boris Becker is worried - too many worries?
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The last months cost Boris Kraft

The former tennis hero leads a lonely fight with himself

"You have to remember to never give up and to be strong - even on its darkest days." Sad words, full of thoughtfulness and melancholy, which Boris Becker (45) gives.

The radiance of the former sports hero seems to have disappeared. Does grief make Boris's soul sick? "Do not stay where you're bound, " Boris says on a computer. That sounds like hell. It seems as though the last few months have cost him more power than he admits.

And it becomes clear that Boris Becker is currently fighting with himself. The recurring money problems and the discussion about the compulsory auction of his property "Son Coll" on Mallorca are tugging at the nerves of the fourfold family man.

The chapter is far from complete, only in the coming year decides what happens to the finca. A fact that certainly puts a great strain on Boris. How much, only he himself knows.

But who helps him out of this spiritual low again? Lilly (36) does not seem to notice Boris's grief . His beautiful wife was now in a good mood at a musical premiere in Dusseldorf. But not with her husband, but with her grandmother Esseline (83).

Boris would need them now more than ever! And even in the boxing match of his good friend Wladimir Klitschko (36) in Hamburg Boris was not present, although even his eldest son Noah (18) was professionally in town.

To withdraw, to avoid contact - such behavior could be a sign of a beginning depression! Let's hope that his family notices how Boris is struggling with himself ...

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