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Floral pillow with ruffle

  • 51 x 62 cm brown fabric with flowers (department store, about 8 Euro / m)
  • 20 x 140 cm light blue fabric (department store, approx.

      8 euros / m)
    • Cushion inlay 30 x 50 cm (department store)
    • Sewing machine with matching sewing thread
    • tape measure
    • pins
    • sewing needle

    1. Cut the brown fabric into 2 rectangles of 51 x 31 cm.

    2. Cut out of the blue fabric 2 strips of 10 x 140 cm.

    3. Sew together strips of fabric into a 280 cm long strip. Unwrap seam.

    4. Fold the fabric strip left to left to a 5 cm wide strip.

    5. Place the brown fabric right side together on the right side, place the strip between the two layers and fold it up, fix fabric parts with pins.

    6. Sew up the pieces, except for a seam piece of approx. 20 cm, taking care to cover all three layers.

    7. Turn the cushion, insert the inlay and sew open seam piece by hand.