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Blogger Theodora Flipper: How to become a shopping queen?

Cécile Sauer aka Theodora Flipper with Guido Maria Kretschmer.
Photo: Theodora Flipper

We introduce: The first shopping queen of Augsburg

Blogger Cécile Sauer aka Theodora Flipper is the first shopping queen of Augsburg and is especially proud of it. She explained to us why the title meant so much to her and how it came to her victory.

Becoming a shopping queen : many of us have dreamed of it. For plus-size blogger Theodora Flipper, this dream has come true. She won the much coveted title in September in the VOX program 'Shopping Queen'. She has told us how it came to their participation and how proud she is to have won.

Theodora Flipper, whose real name is Cécile Sauer, applied for the first time around half a year ago to participate in the program Shopping Queen with Guido Maria Kretschmer. For a long time, however, no broadcast was planned in Augsburg. However, when the plus-size blogger applied again, she was lucky. She immediately got an answer and was invited to the casting. Another prerequisite for participation was a test shoot, in the first Cécile had to show how she acts in front of the camera. She also received small hints to the motto, but nothing was betrayed directly.

In September it was filmed. The motto of the show in Augsburg: "Favorite piece - Create a new look with a part of your wardrobe!" Cécile only bought in stores that she already knew and she knew that she gets good plus-size fashion there. With her classically elegant outfit, which Cécile put together around her favorite sunglasses from Chanel, she not only scored points with the other candidates, but also with Guido. At the end of the eventful week Cécile won the title: she became the very first shopping queen of Augsburg!

That's why Cécile means the title so much

She tells us in an interview: "I am really proud to have won the title, and not only because I actually became the first shopping queen of Ausgburg, but also because I, the plus-size woman, the Could get title. " The blogger hopes to awaken her hometown a bit. "Normally the Augsburgers in Modedange are a little bit closed up, a slightly different style is not necessarily accepted, but since my victory at Shopping Queen, more and more people are recognizing me on the street, approaching me and giving me positive feedback."

However, the shooting underestimated the winner. Being surrounded by cameras from morning to night has been more exhausting than expected. Then you should prepare yourself as a candidate. "In the end, it was great fun, " says Cécile. It was also great to work with Guido Maria Kretschmer. "He is just as likable as I imagined him and has taken time for us candidates after the end of the shoot."

For the fashion-conscious Cécile, winning Shopping Queen is not only a personal success, but also more attention for her plus-size blog, which she runs under the name Theodora Flipper. "After airing the episode from November 10th to November 14th, I was able to get lots of new readers and I got a lot of positive feedback via Facebook and Instagram, which is great."

The 27-year-old has been running her blog since June 2012. Here she informs her loyal readers about everything about plus-size styling and shows a lot of suggestions for cool and elegant outfits. Cécile is particularly inspired by other international bloggers, such as Tanesha, who runs the award-winning plus-size blog 'Girl With Curves'.

Every day there is a new post from Theodora Flipper

But that's not all. On YouTube, the blogger also has her own channel, where she regularly shows practical tips and tutorials. But of course, Theodora's fans can also keep up to date on Facebook and Instagram. Here Cécile alias Theodora even posts daily - for example, her day outfit. "This is something of a tradition for me, " she says.

With almost 13, 000 Instagram followers and nearly 8, 000 YouTube subscribers, it's hard to imagine blogging being just a hobby for Augsburg. The blogger Theodora works full-time in the civil service. Although blogging has become more and more a sideline, she does not deserve her living. "Of course it would be great if I could turn blogging into a profession, but if it comes to that, I can not say, I do not think so."

Nevertheless, Cécile, of course, puts all her passion and passion into working on her blog. She explains, "That's the perfect balance for me." In any case we can look forward to many more topics, tips and tutorials from Theodora Flipper.

For those who have missed Cécile at Shopping Queen: On December 6, the show will be shown again on television.