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Blind dog Xander makes people happy

Photo: Facebook / Meet "Xander"

This pug has a special gift

Since an accident, Pug Xander has no eyes. Nevertheless, the therapy dog ​​manages to build a very special relationship with people.

Wherever Xander comes in, he's in the spotlight right away. As a therapy dog, the little pug regularly visits hospitals, nursing homes and schools. There he manages to conjure up a smile on people's faces in no time with his inimitable way .

The special thing about Xander: he is blind. He has no eyes since an accident as a puppy . The question of whether a blind dog is even viable, Xander answers with his trusting nature itself. When he comes to people and cuddles to them, then it seems to him no matter that he can see nothing. As if through a sixth sense, the four-legged friend immediately senses when someone around him is unhappy or in pain.

Xander is already a real star on Facebook. More and more inquiries reach him and his proud owners. These try to make as many people as possible a little bit happier with their talented pug.

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