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Guide dog jumps in front of a bus and saves woman's life

The guardian angel of this woman - a dog. Not just any dog, but a guide dog.

Photo: USA Today / Screen Shot
As Audrey Stone crosses a street in New York, the Golden Retriever jumps in front of a bus and saves her life.

Audrey Stone is blind. It can not detect light and dark, nor outline. Always at her side: guide dog Figo - a true hero. The Golden Retriever has saved the 62-year-old's life. Stone is on his way home, trying to cross a street. What she can not see that approaches her a kindergarten bus. "I do not know if the driver thought the woman would cross the road faster, but her dog threw herself off the bus right away, " says Paul Schwartz, observer and gas station owner of the Journal News.

The New Yorker has broken her elbow and ankle and three ribs in the accident. The leg of the dog had been open except for cooking, the gas station owner.

"Figo and Audrey Stone have been together the whole time, no one has left the other, " said John Del Gardo of CBS New York. "Stone was really worried about her dog." Both the dog and Stone are doing well in the circumstances.