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Birkenstocks with fur: Are these the new winter shoes?

A case for fur? We are not sure ...
Photo: Instagram / Opening Ceremony

The Biolatschen prepare for the cold weather

Yes, we like Birkenstocks. They are super comfortable and have reached cult status since last summer at the latest. The winter version of the sandals we find a bit strange ...

We had expected their comeback only in the spring, but then they came up with something at Birkenstock to make the pines suitable for winter: A version with shearling lining ! It seems a bit familiar to us, because already in the CĂ©line spring / summer collection 2013 there was a sandal with fur lining to see. Even then, the opinions about the strange footsteps were pretty split: Is that cool or totally wrong?

And we ask ourselves: when should one only wear the fed Birkenstocks ? In summer, the warming inner life is too cuddly, because we prefer to access the classics. And in the cold autumn we hardly dare to go outside in a cardigan - certainly not with our bare feet!

The fed Birkenstocks are therefore more suitable for mild climates - maybe they are in California for bestseller?