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Birkenstock Trend: Not without my designer Birkies!

You can see the precious Latvians everywhere this summer!
Photo: PR

The sandals trend in the summer of 2014

Where is the trend going in the summer of 2014? Instead of high heels rather Birkenstocks. The fashion motto: comfortable! And now also chic. Because: The demigods in white slippers are now available in colorful as design Birkies. Givenchy, Isabel Marant or Christopher Kane: They all stage the slippers as a hip trend - sandals - spend up to $ 700 on fashionistas! Why are we all so crazy about the expensive health slippers? We clarify!

Yes, they see right: the ones on the top are sandals in the Birkenstock look . Givenchy for 650 euros! You will see them everywhere this summer, not only at Ökos in the health food store. Because tough, flat sandals are the very last cry. The design house Céline, which brought the Birkie blend as the first label onto the catwalk, may have "blamed" this trend. The fashion industry was thrilled - and this year countless high-fashion labels are following suit.

But also the original Birkenstock (about 35 Euro) is catching up and bringing ever more fashionable models on the market: We only say paint optics, metallic trend, pastel colors, .. Not convinced yet? But the same: It-Girl Alexa Chung has the "Birkies" too.

The most eye-catching designer Birkenstock you see above: leather sandal with floral pattern, by Givenchy, about 695 euros. Red leather sandals with crossed straps, by Isabel Marant, about 290 euros. Metallic-look calfskin sandals, from Givenchy, about 650 euros.

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