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Organic Clothing: Why is eco-women's fashion getting cheaper?

Photo: Hessnatur
  1. Trendy and organic are not a contradiction
  2. It is also elegant
  3. A touch of 60s flair
  4. They like each other
  5. In spring mood
  6. Always something special

Trendy and organic are not a contradiction

Organic fashion is so beautiful today - and it is available at ever cheaper prices. How it works was explained by Marcello Concilio from Ernsting's family.

How is it that bio-fashion has become so affordable?

Marcello Concilio: It has been a very special market so far, but organic is becoming more and more popular. In addition, unlike conventional production, organic cotton costs significantly less than commonly thought. The elimination of fertilizers and artificial pesticides can save up to 38 percent of the costs. This outweighs the extra work and costs and makes bio-Klediung cheaper .

So we can look forward to more organic?

Marcello Concilio: It is not easy to find good producers, there is still a great need. We at Ernsting's family have but z. For example, we have found the world's only supplier of lace that is GOTS certified - the world's leading standard for processing textiles made from organically grown natural fibers.

That means there is now also a GOTS certified collection on your site?

Marcello Concilio: Yes, since mid-January, we have a baby collection that is certified from the cotton plant to the finished body - from the organic seal GOTS, which checks the environmental aspect.

So organic cotton is only available for babies?

Marcello Concilio: For the time being, we are planning a new GOTS-certified "Pure Collection" for babies every quarter. For women and children we have been in fashion for many years with the seals "Fair Trade" and "Cotton made in Africa". Both focus more on the social component, meaning that suppliers and producers can work on fair terms.

Are the bio parts much more expensive for you?

Marcello Concilio: Not much, but yes, they are more expensive. A baby body costs about 3, 50 Euro, in the "Pure Collection" you pay 5 Euro for it.

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It is also elegant

Picture above: Would you have thought that fair fashion can look so smart? So that the fine BW-sweater and the skirt in pepper-and-salt look remain beautiful for a long time, you should resort to "green" products when washing. The detergent contains no chemicals, is kind to the skin,
biodegradable, animal-free and vegan (from approx. 12 €, eg from Grüne Erde).

Sweater about 35 €, Gr. 34-50, Bio-BW; Skirt about 100 €, Gr. 34-48, new wool; hessnatur

A touch of 60s flair

The cotton coat is so light that he likes to be worn only as a top. His retro design in the style of the 60s is still supported by 7/8 trousers and a headscarf. If the look is too simple, it will spice things up with colorful accessories. The and shoes are now also in organic quality, z. B. at Maas.

Coat about 160 €, Gr. 34-44, Bio-BW; Pants about 70 €, Gr. 34-46, Bio-BW; Green earth

They like each other

But yes: The casual jeans is actually made of organic cotton and has a modern boyfriend cut. Together with a white blouse and a colorful scarf, the classic duo remains a long-running favorite. One thing is certain: the GOTS seal guarantees the correct production of eco-women's fashion, which is not a given with jeans!

Blouse about 80 €, Gr. 34-46, Bio-BW; Jeans about 100 €, Gr. 34-46, Bio-BW; Green earth

In spring mood

Quite comfortable, the combo of 7/8 pants and blouse. A cardigan or a blazer fits perfectly. Figure-friendly: The width of the blouse can be varied by buttons in the side seam.

Blouse about 80 €, Gr. 34-46, Bio-BW; Trousers about 110 €, Gr. 34-44, Bio-BW; Green earth

Always something special

The credo of the eco label from Sweden: produce casual fashion from natural materials! This figure-flattering dress with embroidery pardons us small pompoms and introduces springtime.

Dress about 95 €, Gr. S-XXL, Eco-BW, Gudrun Sjödén

(all photos: manufacturer)