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"Brother Brother": three worshipers for bosom wonder Jordan


Three guys are supposed to help the blonde against her loneliness

JordanWho says blondes have it easier? The "Big Brother" blonde Jordan is either fucked by her fellow contestants or feels totally lonely after leaving Lover David.


Already tragic what life is all about. But "Big Brother" has a good heart and wants to play "Amor" .Who will conquer Jordan's heart? Three boys have survived the selection process. Antonios, Marcel and Salvatore. Who can prevail against the other two, Jordan may get to know. But first, the candidates of Valencia Vintage alias Florian Stöhr were examined closely. After all, no one is a better male connoisseur than a former man. Each of the future Jordan men made an effort to convince Valencia. Antonios thought to himself "Chocolate always attracts women", but Val was too hard on that. Marcel was self-confident until the end is no longer: "I'm the type she stands for". Well obviously not - because Jordan has chosen Salvatore. The chemist full of passion has convinced the Busenwunder thanks to his older age. The first date of the two was short, but Jordan's doubts were first calmed down. Until Cosimo said Salvatore was his best buddy. Truth or lie? If Salvatore moves in to the "Big Brother" house, we'll find out for sure!