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"Big Brother" - Zickenzoff with Cosimo and Ingrid

The dispute between Cosimo and Ingrid at "Big Brother" continues



The "Big Brother" container slowly mutates to the Zicken farm. Not only is Cosimo and Ingrid still fighting each other, but in between Lisa gets a howling spasm again and again. She is annoyed by her constant wailing, but apparently can not help it. It will not help that Barry complains about her. Because he is angry about the nomination he received from Lisa on the Totenkopf evening. Guys - do not be so upset by a bit of criticism! Sensitive minds have the "Big Brother" - gentlemen, calm down the fronts again? What to do if you are annoyed? Just blaspheme! At least that's Ingrid's strategy. But after all the blasphemy she is even more annoyed and seriously considering whether she should move out. But a short howling therapy session with Rayo brings everything back to normal. Ingrid stays and there is even a debate with Cosimo. We are curious if the two divas can remain peaceful in the long term