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BH-Guide Which bra color is best worn under white?

A photo posted by Martina Lubián (@martina_lubian) on Oct 10, 2016 at 14:31

Which bra color fits under a white top? Red, black or better white? This color fits best under white.

Do you know that, too? You stand in front of the mirror and wear your new white blouse. But one thing bothers you: you see the bra shining through under your shirt. What helps? A white bra or rather a black one? I usually go for black, because that's the most neutral for me.

Tatatataaaaa, it is red! Yes really. Red underwear is best worn under white clothing. Hard to believe, because red is actually a signal color. But under white red becomes as good as invisible.

Why does red linen best fit under white clothing?

The better the shade of red matches your own skin color, the less you see it under a white top. If you're a fair skin type, better a red to pink tone. If you are a dark type, then a rust to dark red fits better. Of course, the bra still shimmers a bit, but much less than black. Best of all, you should refrain from aplikationen and lace in the red bra, because it settles again under white.

Why do you see white under white?

White under white has an opposite effect. The shimmering underwear is not prevented, but reinforced. Because in the places where the two white layers of material meet, creates a covering effect. This makes the white underwear even clearer, because it stands out against the skin tone.

Here you see clearly that a red bra under a white shirt is a good solution.

A photo posted by DARKA ???? (@liveasadreamm) on May 21, 2016 at 11:21 am

Here you will find the matching red bra

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